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Performing pre-maintenance helps us to eliminate major repairs and will allow your elevator to run efficiently and safely. Through proper maintenance and trouble shooting a problem can be diagnosed before a shutdown occurs.

Our maintenance program will keep your elevators up to code and Include all city required safety test.
Our modernization program will turn your old elevator into a more dependable safer and faster elevator which meets all city codes.

Having constant shut downs can be a sign that your elevator needs to be modernized.  Modernizing your equipment will
help eliminate these problems.

The four largest manufacturers sell proprietary microprocessor controls. The disadvantage is special service tools are required to troubleshoot problems. Replacement parts are very expensive; consequently, you are locked into high service charges.

Skyway installs non-proprietary equipment that meets and exceeds all code standards. The parts are easily accessible and most of our controllers have on board self diagnostic
screens. We also offer multiple cab designs for you to choose from.

Skyway Elevator has the skill and experience in elevator modernization.  We guarantee that you will be pleased with your new elevator system.

“Well Done is Better Than Well Said”

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